I Have Moved

Well, I officially moved into my new place yesterday. And it feels good. New place, new energy. It is my first time renting a house and…it is nice. More room. A basement for storage. A dining room. A second bedroom I can use as an office.

It’s very nice to walk across the creaking dining room floor, trying to be careful, and realize there is no one living below me, or above me. I do not have to be careful. No one can hear me. No one can hear my television, or my music, and for some reason, my television sounds louder in this living room that it did in my apartment.

This living room seemed smaller than the one in my apartment when I toured it with the rental associate; a three-seat recliner and one chair looked cramped together in one half of the room yesterday when the movers first arranged them in the room. But sitting here now, it feels and looks amazingly large and roomy, probably because there is less stuff in here – and no desk (where I did my writing).

I hope it still feels this way a year from now.

P.S. I am going to have to buy a rake. The leaves are covering my lawn. I can’t see a single blade of grass.

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  1. Congratulations! Enjoy the new space — and the leaves. I vote for skipping the rake and instead buying a lawn mower and just chopping up the leaves and letting them become compost. You could even go a step farther, get an old-fashioned hand mower and lo! the daily workout.


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