I Want To Write

I have a few posts I really want to write. One is about stepping out in faith. The other is just about the struggles of packing and leaving one place or another. And the third one, if I write it, is about celebrating-.

But I can’t get to any of that because I am too busy trying to pack.

It’ s like, it’s like I can’t really get packed. No matter how much I shove into boxes, my apartment looks exactly the same. There is still stuff on shelves and tabletops that should have been in a box days ago.

It’s crunch time. I have to finish packing and cleaning this apartment by or on the 30th, the last day of my lease, and it’s…

Well, it is fast approaching the time where I am going to have to make some split-second decision: throw it in the trash or throw it in a box.

I hate the stress of moving. I will be glad when this is over.

Have a great day.

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