Just Do It

Photo by Sapan Patel on Unsplash

So, the motive behind starting this blog was to hold my own feet to…well, to the heat of…a still warm muffin. Not a branding iron, or a white-hot coal, or bonfire — nothing as drastic as that. No, just something to get my fingers tapping and the words flowing after a year of knuckle-cracking and .

A few dollars was incentive enough to get me to begin. A few dollars of my own money, that is. To buy a website. A domain name.

A domain name, especially. That’s what pulled me in, when I saw that my own name was available. My website. A website with my name on it. It felt like mine from the second I completed the order.

It feels like my blank space. My empty sheet of paper. My unwritten chapter. It’s my little spot on the web, of the web, my little piece of the internet. A piece of the internet with my name on it.

It’s why some people start YouTube channels.

This sounds like a monster ego trip, and also like a pretty harmless delusion. But, having my own blog, my own website, is like being self-employed. I’m the boss. I make the decisions. Everything here is, or eventually will be, the way I want it to be. My colors, my stories, my ideas – my style.

I have gotten distracted.

This is supposed to be a cure for procrastination, a cure for my stubborn unwillingness to take up my previous writings, centralize them on the internet, and organize them into an authentic, dazzling, and sincere self-promoting experience that will turn me into a full-time working writer. That is the idea.

Just do it.

Just invest in myself a little. Just do what works for other writers and I might get the same results.

Can a few dollars do for me what job board-combing and cold pitching haven’t?

Am I any more determined to create, to self-promote, market, hustle, or grind than I was before WordPress’s relentless advertising finally got me?

I hope so. I would hate to give up this domain name.

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