Should I Delete My Blog?

…if I have not posted anything in three months?

The answer is probably “yes”, is undoubtedly “yes.” If I have lost interest, if I have nothing to say, if the thrill is gone, and blogging fever has run its course, then “yes”, I should delete this blog.

And I have thought about it. Every time I think about this blog, and remember that I should be posting, that I should have posted something, that I haven’t posted in a while, I think about deleting it. “Let it go,” I tell myself, tired of worrying about it. “Shut it down and stop worrying about it and stop thinking about it.”

But it is not that easy, and it isn’t going to be that easy. Not blogging is like not writing, like not putting in any time or words on that novel or short story or article you are writing. It’s the same thing, in fact. It’s like writer’s block, even when I have worked on my novel or a short story that day. This blog is something else I am supposed to be working on building, shaping into something. It is another writing project and unlike my novel for instance, what I write here is published and out in the world.

And, as such, ass another writing project, it comes with the same problems. Giving up on my blog is the same thing as giving up on my novel, as giving up on being a novelist. It’s the same thing as giving up on being a writer. That is why I feel so bad about not doing it, that is why my mind keeps coming back to it, and that is why I can’t delete it.

I am a writer. I write. I write novels. I write short stories. And I write this blog.

And I will stop writing it, and stop thinking about writing it, when it is finished. Or when I am.

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