The Return of Coffee

I didn’t know which I should write about first – coffee or my Aerogarden.

But yes, coffee. It’s back in my life. Earthy, glorious, energy-giving coffee. And with almost none of the unwelcome side effects that forced me to give it up in the first place. Sure, I still get gas within thirty minutes, and tummy grumblings, and the faintest echoes of a stomach cramp. But no diarrhea. No rushing to the bathroom less than thirty minutes after my first sip, butt cheeks clenched, praying to God to please let me help me get to the toilet get on the toilet before it something happens…

And no frequent sprints to the bathroom for the first four or five hours after having even one cup. No close calls. No false alarms. Nothing. Just the sweet creamy taste of real coffee, Colombian Supremo, in the largest mug i own.

And caffeine.

I have missed the early morning jolt. You have no idea how i have had to drag myself out of the house every weekday.

I tried it, one cup, just to see what would happen, just to see how far along my treatment actually is, how well the Entyvio is working. Can I eat lettuce again? Can I eat a small salad? A large salad? Two or three whole raw carrots? How bad will it be? How long will it last? If there is diarrhea, how long should I wait before I try it again?

So, yes, I was curious about caffeine, mainly because I had become so dependent on it. I have insomnia, and with me getting so little sleep most nights, I was using caffeine to power through my workday. Without it, I have had to rely on candy. And cookies. Cookies first thing in the morning, especially, like the queen of England. She eats them in the morning for energy. That’s where I got the idea.

Just one cup, and I was fine enough. Two days later, I had another cup, then one the next day. Then I switched it up and had a bottle of Coke instead. No regrettable side effects.

I’m back to two cups a day, three sometimes, and a bottle of soda.

Am I glad, happy even, to be back on my caffeine habit? I don’t know. Being off it never felt good, never felt liberating. And I never regained my energy. I didn’t suffer without it. But I DRAGGED.

Plus, it was one of the only real pleasures in my life. I don’t just enjoy the taste; I enjoy the experience of drinking it.

So, I am thankful to have it back in my life.

P.S. Entyvio really works. My life feels normal again.

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