My Anti-Bucket List

Things I hope to NEVER do before I die.

  1. Skydive.
  2. Get shot.
  3. Stand on top of the Empire State Building (or the Statue of Liberty 9or any tall structure). I am “afraid” of heights. When I stand on the edge of a tall building, looking down, I always feel like I am going to fall, like I will just flip over the edge and plunge… ALWAYS.
  4. Eat a roach. Some part of me wants to be adventurous enough to do it, but I know I don’t have the nerve.
  5. File for bankruptcy. I have been close, though…and I was frightened.
  6. Get my ass kicked.
  7. Run a marathon. Feeling my insides jouncing for miles, lungs burning, salty sweat filling my eyes…
  8. Be homeless. It’s not the stuff of nightmares, just yet, but the thought horrifies me, slightly. It must be absolutely frightening.
  9. Starve. I have always had food, no matter how poor we were. Sometimes it was just boiled potatoes and canned green beans, but we ate. Powdered eggs, government cheese. I have never been hungry.
  10. Get mugged.
  11. Gert attacked by dogs.
  12. Climb Mount Everest or any mountain. See #3.
  13. Get a tattoo. The needle. Something indelible on my delicate flesh… Mmm, no.
  14. Become an alcoholic or drug addict (heroin, cocaine, etc.).
  15. Get married. No alone time. No free time. Having to come home to another person every day for the rest of my life.
  16. Experience an earthquake.
  17. Get conned or scammed. Wake up to find my bank account emptied, my stock or “investment” worthless, my trust violated and trampled.
  18. Have my identity stolen.
  19. Get lost at sea – no land in sight, no survival, skills, knowledge, or experience.
  20. Be on a sailboat, period. I don’t even really want to be on a cruise ship. Fear of water, you see.
  21. Get lost in a foreign country, can’t speak the language, read the signs…
  22. Explore a cave.
  23. Publish a bad book.

What is on your anti-bucket list?

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