There Was Supposed To Be Snow On The Ground

…when I woke up today. Or, there was supposed to be sheets of ice coating everything for miles.

The weather people don’t know what they are doing (which is not news anywhere). I was so looking forward to being off today, but there was not a speck of ice on the ground. I don’t know why I believed the forecasts, but I do love (and yearn for) a snow day. Not happy.

It was wet, instead, and cold. It rained overnight and all day today. Maybe it will freeze tomorrow.

I should have stayed home, any way. But I am not that guy. I’m the guy who comes in to work, any way, no matter how cold, slippery, icy, frozen, treacherous, or miserable the weather is. I’m the guy who finally calls in sick to work only after falling on the sidewalk outside his apartment building, who then usually can’t relax, go back to sleep, or enjoy himself, because he used sick time and he wasn’t really sick, and he feels guilty, and kind of thinks he’s being watched through the walls, or by hidden cameras.

Plus, he thinks it’s wrong to use sick time like personal time off and he’s worries his boss and coworkers will see the guilt and discomfort on his face when he returns to work the next day (because playing hooky two days in a row is unthinkable). And, he almost wishes he had gone to work, so he didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of stealing time (and money) form his employer. He also wishes he was the kind of person who could call in to work whenever he wanted to, with a fake cough on his throat, or a lie on his tongue, and take a day off with no guilt whatsoever and enjoy himself at his employer’s expense.

But, I really wish it had snowed today, and iced everything, and the university had closed the campus. Then I coudl have rolled over int he bed… Well, no, I wouldn’t have. I woudl have made an extra cup of coffee, thawed an aapple crumb muffin and fried a couipel of eggs.

Instead, I went to work and only two other people in my department showed up.

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