It Has Been A Year

2020 was wild. WILD.

God listened to all the plans we made for this year, then laughed, and swung His foot squarely into our back sides.

It wasn’t only the pandemic. It was what the pandemic did to our health systems, our economies, our schools, businesses, and governments. It exposed every flaw in them and us.

And our leaders.

I would have never believed that any government official, elected or otherwise, would deliberately deceive the public about the severity of a pandemic, or would gladly choose to let the virus run wild, just let it infect anyone it could, virtually unchecked, to “protect” the economy…

…or that an elected official would let the virus run wild to protect the economy, to improve their chance of getting reelected, no matter how many people became infected or died – in our country.

Honestly, this pandemic wouldn’t feel this bad, wouldn’t be this bad, wouldn’t last as long as it’s going to last, would definitely not have killed nearly as many people in this country, if Donald Trump wasn’t president.

Then there was the election. And the post election. Donald Trump was blowing voter fraud conspiracy smoke from the very beginning when it looked like he might pay for mishandling the pandemic. Some of his supporters whiffed enough of it and, BANG, really started believing it. I just on’t understand people. Whatever. We have been living in surreal Twilight Zone land every since Trump lost.

Take your pick: either Sleepy Joe Biden, THE PRESIDENT ELECT OF THE UNITED STATES, conspired with the Democrats, some treacherous Republicans, Hugo Chavez, who has been dead since 2013 (and who else was there?) and stole the election from under Donald Trump with some computer hackery, and GOT AWAY WITH IT, or Donald Trump, A SITTING US PRESIDENT, lost reelection, then tried to steal it from Joe Biden, because he couldn’t handle it, undermining our democracy, and legitimizing the presidency in the eyes of millions along the way, which he doesn’t mind, because being a good loser is for losers, apparently.

Or Trump is pretending that he was cheated out of reelection just to inflame his loyal voter base to get them to donate enough money to his legal fund for him to pay off his campaign debts. A SITTING US PRESIDENT.

No one wants Mala. No one. We just voted for Joe Biden to get Trump out of the White House. Now we have to hope Joe Biden lives through his one term so we can get rid of him int 2024 so he doesn’t get reelected and die and Kamala Harris gets sworn in as president of the United States, which is the only way she an become president, since no one wants her in the Oval Office. So why did Biden choose her to be his running mate? Yes, she’s a woman and she’s not white. That ticks off two diversity boxes. She’s from California. Biden won the state. But, still, at the end of the day, no one wants Kamala Harris to be president. No one.

How many dead Lord? And how many more are going to die from COVID-19 or deal with lifelong complications so we can go to the movies and the zoo and the club and the gym and restaurants and to work and the hospital and pretend like it doesn’t exist and is just a hoax or a conspiracy. Donald Trump is one reason the virus exploded in this country. We are the other. We just don’t want to believe in it and get ourselves indoors or behind masks. Across the country. In the millions. It is the most amazing and damning thing this year revealed about us. Our loose grip on reality and our inability to handle a setback. Or setbacks.

And, what else? Let’s see. Our politicians that we elected don’t care if we get evicted or run out of food or get our lights and gas cut off. The economy will pick up eventually when everyone has taken the vaccine and everything will be fine again. I guess we’ll just try to stay positive until then.

It has been a year.


    1. I actually replied to this but I apparently didn’t hit the SEND button. When I say “No one wants Kamala Harris”, I don’t mean that not one person wants her to be president. I mean I haven’t heard anyone say it. I’ve listened to commentary on YouTube, talked to friends and family and they all say the same thing. They are just waiting for the inevitable: Joe Biden dies and falls ill, and Kamala Harris gets sworn in – not voted. And, to a person, no one I have talked to wants that to happen.

      You are the first person that has expressed approval of Kamala Harris as president to me.


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