I Have Started A New Health Program.

My health insurers, Blue Cross Blue Shield sent me an email saying I could enroll in a free exercise program, online, in person, or a combination of the two. They would give me free digital scale, the Bluetooth kind that sends your weigh-ins to your phone, and in this case to a health coach. I get free health training, a coach, and learn a new set of lifestyle skills. If I stick it out for the first four weeks, they’ll give me a free Fitbit, as well.

I took the offer.

What appealed to me most? It’s free. If it cost anything, I would have ignored the email. I’m not spending money on a health program and I know, somehow, that paying for it would not keep me from quitting at some point.

I need the health training. I can’t seem to stick with an exercise routine to save my life, no pun intended. I got so tired of aerobics, I couldn’t make myself do it anymore. Weight training is just not for me. I don’t like lifting furniture or anything heavy; it wrecks my mood. Weight training makes me feel the same way.

I don’t need a new scale, but I don’t mind. It’s black, has kind of a matte finish, and I am a sucker for anything techy, especially if it looks like somethign the Jones might have. So, this resonated with me. It measures my weight, my body mass index (BMI), gives me the weather forecast (really), and tells me if my weight is trending up or down. Then, it sends all that information to an app on my phone and to my health coach.

But, my favorite aspect, the one that made me put aside my misgivings about being on a health program and having to get off my behind, was being able to do the entire this online and over an app. I do all of the physical activities on my own. I do the lessons, quizzes, and reflections on my time. I don’t have to find/buy acceptable gym clothes, and be someplace specific, on a specific date and time.

I, an introvert, do not have to directly engage with people. I don’t even have to talk to my coach over the phone, if I don’t want.

That is what really appealed to me. That is why I signed up. That is the aspect that makes me believe I might be able to complete this program.

Having a health coach I don’t have to pay is cool, too. I know what kind of advice she is going to give me and what kind of dietary and activity changes she is going to suggest, but I do better when someone is watching me, when someone is holding me accountable.

That is the purpose of this post. Accountability. One of the goals of this week is for me to tell people about this program and that I am on it, to keep myself accountable.

So, I have started a new health program.

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