In 5,4,3,2,1…Hopefully

We are currently witnessing the international spectacle of a sitting president who is trying to steal an election by accusing his opponent of trying to steal it, just to save face if/when he loses. He is such a sore winner/loser that he would rather taint the next presidency than leave with his integrity (and the office’s) intact.

I have ever been a Trump supporter. I thought his entire campaign run was a dire omen of presidential elections to come, with deep-pocketed egotist making the office their exclusive privilege, with no obligation to the people or a party – like George Steinbrenner trying to buy every World Series; the presidency shouldn’t be within the grasp of anyone who can afford it; it should require more than that, like expertise, like experience.

But, I know people who believe in Trump, or who did at one point. People who believed he was going to be a good president, or was at least going to try to be and who believed enough in his vision, or promise (or something) that they willingly overlooked his massive ego, a pile of lies, and even his race-baiting to give the guy a chance. You fan still find tens of millions of people who want more of what they have seen the last four years.

I don’t.

The last three presidents especially, have diminished the authority and importance of the office. They have alienated our allies, tried to start bromances with our enemies (in the last two cases), abused their powers almost to the point of being dictators, and left the country more divided after every term. Trump. who claimed he would work towards racial harmony, has catered to bigots and racists to a degree not seen since the 60s or 70s. Rather than promoting partisanship, he has acted like a one-man government.

He has been a bad president, one of the worst And, history will probably be divided on that point as well.

I don’t want Joe Biden, never did. And, I don’t want Kamala Harris to become president if he suddenly keels over. But, they are the only alternative to Donald Trump, who will not go out without a massive tantrum, most likely, but who will hopefully go out soon.


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