Don’t Give Up Your Daydreams

Inspirational quote of the day.

For me, especially. I am having a difficult time staying on top of this novel I’m writing. Well, I’m having a difficult time staying on top of myself.

I haven’t lost interest in the story. I think I know what it’s about. I’m just struggling with making myself push this novel forward in measurable steps – daily.

There is a reason many writers set a page or word count goal for themselves, and a reason I should. When I don’t, I rarely write more than a page on any given day, and often have to satisfy myself with the fact that I wrote at all that day, even if it’s a couple of hundred words. Then, I start worrying, wondering if I finish even one novel, at that rate. So,…

I’m trying to keep this sweet and short today. I am not giving up on my daydreams.

Don’t give up on yours.

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