“They” say that you should tell other people what your goals are – that way you’ll feel some pressure to complete them. Maybe it’s the fear of failing in front of people you know that keep s your fingers on the keys. Maybe it’s the feeling of accountability. I don’t know. And I don’t know if it works, but here goes nothing.

  1. Get a blog up and running. Goal accomplished somewhat, although I haven’t settled on a template, yet, or a look, or anything. But the wiring comes first, yes? This was big for me this year, something I had been putting off for years. I didn’t want to try to maintain a blog and take classes. Then, I didn’t have anything to say. Etc. The thing that decided me, when looking for a domain name, was seeing that my name was available. It made all the difference and meant the world to me.
  2. Start a YouTube channel. Seriously. This has been on my imaginary plate for a long time, almost as long as a blog. And it wouldn’t even be like my blog. I don’t feel qualified to talk about much of anything, but I do want to thrown in my opinion about certain social issues, political events, and even people. I have purchased video editing software, a quality webcam, even a green screen. I just have to make the time and get started. This year. Soon.
  3. Finish a novel. Nothing has been harder lately. I hate bad first drafts, my own bad writing, and the sinking feeling that it’s going nowhere and I’m wasting my time – and it has derailed me, time and again. I have to get used to bed first drafts, especially, and make a habit of finishing what I start. Mu ideas seem trite, cliche, and basic. Why is it so hard? This year. This year!
  4. Get a new job. Honestly, this should be at the top of my list. I work in a great place, I have great benefits, I like most of the people. But, I have been looking for a job almost every day. They just keep adding more work, more responsibilities, greater expectations. But they aren’t paying me anymore. Now, this could change – was supposed to change at the beginning of the year – and if it does, I might stop looking for a while. But right now… I just got a degree and I looking in every door that it could open, for my dream job, or just a better one. That was part of the reason I got the degree.

There are a bunch of smaller ones I’m not completely serious about – redecorate my apartment, learn how to juggle, go on a keto diet, get my 30-year-old body back, upgrade my wardrobe – but the big ones are the ones I feel I need for me, to force some changes on myself and in myself, to create some forward movement in my life. I am so very good at standing still.

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