Snow Day!

January 17, 2020

Yes! Freezing rains, ice sleet, then snow, then more ice, then snow on top of that. I love it. I have always loved snow days, from my school days. There is nothing like it, nothing like hearing your school or workplace is closed for the day because of snow. It’s better than a vacation day or a holiday.

I’m too thrilled. I got a text from my job last night saying the campus and offices were closed until 10 AM. I don’t want to say I prayed that they would shut it down today- but I prayed they would shut it down today. The message was the same when I got out of bed. I checked my messages incessantly, every five minutes or so, until it showed up. “Due to inclement weather, campus and offices are closed”. Or something like that. I poured myself a big, warm, comforting mug of laziness and luxuriated in the feeling of not working on the university’s clock. I love it.

I can hardly be bothered to write. Yes, I know, snow days are perfect writing weather. Snug inside the house, with the heat roaring, warm beverage beside or inside you, hunkered over the keys or the manuscript or the page while the vicious, freezing Hawk blows outside, punishing anything or anyone it touches. But, my toes long for the covers or thermal socks. Not slippers. Not flip-flops while I sit in front of the computer, trying to impress someone. This a day for staring at the ceiling or the insides of my eyelids. This is a day for streaming a show I have already watched and love (Poirot or Alias), so I can doze off and drop in and out of the story and know where I am. This is a no-work day. It’s a gift. So, I am going to appreciate it and enjoy it.


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